Video Call To IOS Beta of Telegram

Telegram, known as one of the most preferred instant messaging apps, has been a long-awaited feature. According to a report today, the video call feature was added to the Telegram Beta used for iOS.
Instant messaging applications are one of the most advanced and functional applications available on the market. Telegram is also known as one of them. The platform, which has more than 400 million users on a monthly basis, closed one of the biggest shortcomings ever said, a report released today. Especially during the coronavirus outbreak, the video calling feature was added to the Telegram Beta app for iOS.

The feature was actually on the agenda of Telegram developers since last year, and there have been innuendos that will be added to the platform from time to time. This situation, which is seen as a disadvantage, disappeared for Telegram users after the news. With the news heard, the comments made from technology circles were positive comments that the most important shortcoming of the platform will be closed with the latest update.

How to activate video calling?

Users need to take several steps to activate this feature. Those who want to make a video call must go to settings after opening the Telegram app, and then select’Experimental Feature’under this menu. Immediately after these steps are completed, the ‘Video Call’ button becomes visible in the profile section of the application. What should not be forgotten here is the necessity that the person who wants to be searched must follow these steps and adjust their settings.

In addition, those who want to use the feature at the moment should update the app to version 6.3 and be included in the Beta program. The feature is expected to be available on all devices for iOS and Android with a new update to be made very soon. Telegram, which manages to compete with other instant messaging apps with advanced security measures and end-to-end encryption method, and is determined to continue this success, will present what kind of innovations it will offer to users in the coming days. Finally, let’s remember that if you don’t, you’re going What you need to do to join Webtekno’s Telegram channel Here from our news.

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