This Is What Windows 10X’s Possible Start Menu Looks Like

Microsoft has posted a new post from its official Facebook page. The company, which exhibits a new Launch Menu design, has shown an important detail about Windows 10X. Looks like Microsoft will design a much simpler Start Menu on Windows 10X than Windows 10.
We know that US-based tech giant Microsoft has been working on a new operating system called Windows 10X for some time. Although the details of this operating system are currently unknown, Microsoft allows us to capture tips on Windows 10X with some of the information and images it publishes from time to time. The company has now shared new images that we can get an idea of the design of Windows 10X.

Windows 10X is an operating system designed for products with dual or foldable screens. With its new operating system, the company is trying to provide an interface and functionality that users will like in every sense. When we think about how often the Start Menu,one of the most important building blocks of the Windows operating system, is used, it’s quite normal to imagine a better Start Menu on Windows 10X. Microsoft also offers a hint of how we might encounter a start menu with the latest images it shares.

Windows 10X possible Start Menu design

Microsoft showcased a new Launch Menu design in a post shared by Facebook. When we look closely at this design, we see that the new operating system maintains the general lines of Windows 10. However, Microsoft appears to have designed a simpler Start Menu with Windows 10X. Because Microsoft’s new Launch Menu design shows that apps in the menu will be stacked with a much more tidy and simplelook.

It is not known at this time whether the Start Menu design shared by Microsoft will come to Windows 10X as it is. However, shared images are a clear indication that Windows 10X or perhaps even Windows 10 may have a new Start Menu.

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