Project CARS 3 Release Date Announced

There have been reports that project cars 3, one of the favorite games for car enthusiasts, will be released in the summer recently. The expected game’s release date finally gained clarity.
While expectations are underway for Project CARS 3, developed by Slightly Mad Studios and will be released by BANDAI NAMCO, these companies have pointed to the summer months and we have made this announcement for you. News we’ve made it look like this. The game’s very curious release date was officially announced today. Broadcaster BANDAI NAMCO announced on its Twitter account that the game will be available on Steam on August 28, 2020 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

The comments that came to this news were also positive, as the Project CARS series was followed with interest by the players and it is known to have a large audience worldwide. The last game before the series was released in 2017 and was played by many. BANDAI NAMCO also published a promotional article for the game. In the article, the company said that the Project CARS 3 project has come to a brand new and exciting topic for players, and has been developed in a way that will attract players to the vibrant and fun world of races.

Improved features of the game:

BANDAI NAMCO also conveyed in his article about the new features of the game. Accordingly, project cars 3, the new game of the series, will offer players more than 200 select brand racing and road car options, allowing them to compete on more than 140 routes. In order not to compromise the realism of the races, the game will have the option of racing for four seasons and players will be able to purchase the vehicle they want with in-game credits. The handling and strength of the vehicles can be upgraded with realistic performance parts.

Players will also be able to have new tyre models, new parts for vehicles and some new features. All of this will be done with enhanced Artificial Intelligence. Vr support for the PC version of the game will be available to players. After the news, we can imagine that fans of the game are looking forward to the August 28 date.

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