Pokemon Cafe Mix Switch Released for Android and iOS

Introduced at the Pokemon Presents event last week, Pokemon Cafe Mix was released for Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android. In the game, you run a café with Pokemon from customers and employees.
Pokemon Cafe Mix is released on iOS and Android mobile devices as well as the Nintendo Switch. The new Pokemon game was first announced last week during the Pokemon Presents event. Pokemon Cafe Mix came as a puzzle-type game where you own a café that offers delicious treats to Pokemon customers.

Pokemon Cafe Mix is a free game to play, but you can buy Golden Acorns, the digital currency, to do more. The style of the game is similar to the puzzle-type matching games in mobile stores in general. Of course, in the game, everything from café employees to customers is based on Pokemon.

Pokemon will serve Pokemon as Pokemon with Pokemon Cafe Mix

In the new pokemon game, you complete puzzles by connecting Pokemon icons to prepare your Pokemon customers’ drinks and meals. So you discover what it’s like to run your own Pokemon café by offering delicious food to your cute Pokemon customers.

With the treats you offer in your café, you can make friends and get to work with your favorite Pokemon. As your café becomes popular with Pokemon, you can reach more Pokémon guests and staff to expand the café to suit your growing business. Pokemon Cafe Mix Nintendo Switch, Android And Ios download and play free of charge from the stores.

Pokemon Cafe Mix trailer:

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