NVIDIA’s DirectX 12 Ultimate GeForce Game Ready Drives

Nvidia has begun publishing its own GeForce Game Ready drivers for DirectX 12 Ultimate, which Microsoft announced in March. DirectX 12 Ultimate will play an important role in the use of new technologies in games.
NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX cards were the first to come across many technological innovations, such as hardware-accelerated beam monitoring. Of course, in order for these innovations to work at full efficiency, there must be software in accordance with it.

Microsoft also released an API for DirectX 12 Ultimate in the Windows 10 May 2020 update. Thus, geforce RTX’s new features became standard for many platforms.

GeForce Game Ready drivers released:

New GeForce Game Ready drivers, according to nvidia; Produced in 2004 and beyond, it will support all GeForce RTX graphics cards that run on Windows 10.

New driver updates have also made hardware-accelerated GPU planning available in the Windows 10 May 2020 update. Thanks to this new feature, it is possible to get full control over the video card and provide full control over video memory. In addition, these drivers were the first drivers to have full support for Vulcan 1.2.

Thus, NVIDIA has made a big difference to its competitors, saying it has developed the first directx 12 Ultimate-compliant drivers. To download drivers, this Connection you can reach the list by clicking.

New G-SYNC-compatible screens have arrived:

In addition to Game Ready and Studio drivers, NVIDIA has announced that it is adding new ones to new G-SYNC-compatible displays. Newly added devices include:

  • AOC AG273F1G8R3
  • Dell S2421HGF
  • Lenovo G24-10
  • LG 27GN950
  • LG 32GN50T/32GN500
  • Samsung 2020 Odyssey G9
  • Samsung 2020 Odyssey G7 27″
  • Samsung 2020 Odyssey G7 32″

With the addition of these new screens, the number of G-SYNC-compatible monitors has also increased to 98. Very soon we can see that the number of these devices exceeds 100. With new technologies, games seem to be much more realistic and much more enjoyable.

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