Microsoft Launcher V6 Beta Released: Here’s What’s New

Microsoft has released a new beta version of launcher for the Android ecosystem. The beta release reveals two upcoming new features of microsoft launcher v6.
Us-based tech giant Microsoft’s popular launcher app Microsoft Launcherhas released the V6 beta version, which reveals two new features.

The first of the new features coming to Microsoft Launcher is horizontal mode support. As you know, many apps can be used on smartphones in landscape mode, but on some phones, the home screen is not available in landscape mode. The latest beta version of Microsoft Launcher shows that the launcher will provide comprehensive horizontal mode support, including the home screen.

This is how the horizontal mode looks to Microsoft Launcher

The second feature in the new beta release for Microsoft Launcher V6 is the almost completely revamped streaming section. This section provides control of the latest information from Microsoft services and tracking news. Microsoft, which modifies the streaming section, now allows this section to be foldered and locked.

Microsoft released a preview version in January for a new version of launcher. This release included the features we just described to you, and even more. The released beta version is a big indicator that these features can come with microsoft launcher v6. However, in order to see the final result, we need to wait for the stable version to be released.

You can also test new features coming to Microsoft Launcher immediately. To do this, access microsoft launcher’s store page via the Google Play Store and find the beta version section. Then tap the button that says”Join”and start using the latest beta version of Microsoft Launcher. Note, however, that this version is not stable and you may experience a variety of problems.

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