Microsoft Announces ‘Enhanced Skype for Windows 10’

Microsoft has announced that a new update will be available to Skype, one of the most used communication apps today. With the update, Skype’s desktop and Windows 10 versions will now meet under one roof.
Today, there are many apps that allow us to speak comfortably with our friends or any acquaintance on the internet, but Skype,one of these apps, has long been used as a choice of many people.

Skype, which continues to be developed within Microsoft, is getting a new feature every day. What the company has announced today will give Skype a separate dimension. Skype will now appear in front of users as a much more advanced app.

Two versions of Skype meet under one roof:

Microsoft confirmed theupdated, improved Skype for windows 10,which has been said to have been developed since March. Skype’s new version is set to replace Skype UWP. Microsoft announced in a statement that starting this month, Skype apps for Windows 10 and desktop will become a single app.

Of course, with this transformation, Skype is also getting new features. These features were described by Microsoft as follows:

  • Updated shutdown options to quit Skype or prevent it from starting automatically
  • Advanced system bar icon to inform you about new messages and status
  • Share files directly through File Explorer
  • 9 images in video search
  • Background change
  • Meet Now improvements
  • Improved search controls

In addition to all these features, there are some things that will be lost as applications meet under one roof. Microsoft listed both features that will no longer be on Skype:

  • Share Charm integration
  • Synchronization of Outlook links

The new Skype app, where Skype for Desktop and Skype for Windows 10 meet under one roof to this connection you can download it by clicking. Skype will continue as an even more advanced app in the coming months with Microsoft’s new updates.

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