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As of today, Netflix is introducing a new feature to the Android app and the iOS app on June 29. With this feature, it is possible to delete content that is not on Netflix’s ‘Continue Watching’ list from the list.
Netflix,the world’s most popular online series and film platform, serves more than 100 million subscribers today. Netflix subscribers can easily access the platform via computers, televisions, smartphones or tablets, and Netflix is popular on almost any platform. A new development will give users a lot of relief when it comes to accessing unfinished content from different platforms.

With Netflix’s”Continue Watching”list, users see content they’ve watched and unfinished every time they enter the app, and they can pick up content from where they left off. However, Netflix does not offer users a yardstick under this feature. So the content you don’t like and close after you start watching is also displayed in this list.

Netflix developers have made an effective solution for users, especially those that users criticize from time to time. As of Today, Netflix subscribers will be able to delete content from the Continue Tracking list via Android and mobile app on the iOS platform as of June 29.

This is how content from Netflix’s Keep Watch list

Netflix is working on a different feature, as well as the new option to add to Keep Watching. Users who click on content with this feature will not be redirected directly to the homepage of the series. Instead, a menu will include the ratingof that content, sections, and information about the content. This allows you to get detailed information about the series before starting a series.

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