Apple tvOS 14 Introduced: Here’s What’s New

Apple introduced a new version of the operating system of many Apple-branded devices at WWDC 2020, which began yesterday evening. Apple’s operating systems introduced yesterday include the new version of tvOS, the operating system of Apple TVs, tvOS 14.
Apple is holding its developer conference online this year due to the coronavirus outbreak. Apple introduced its new products and software as expected at WWDC 2020. In WWDC 2020, new versions of almost all apple operating systems were introduced, including macOS 10.16 (macOS Big Sur), the new version of iOS 14 and Macs operating system macOS.

Apple, along with other operating systems, introduced tvOS 14, the new version of tvOS, the operating system of Apple TVs. tvOS 14 promises to make apple TVs even more capable devices, with many new features it brings.

What’s coming with tvOS 14

The home app was the first standout of the features that came with tvOS 14. The Home app will integrate with Apple HomeKit smart home systems. This allows smart home systems to be controlled via Apple TV. Home app will show a photo of the tv knocking on the door by opening a window on the screen when a doorbell to which HomeKit is connected is ringed.

Another new feature with tvOS 14 concerns Apple Arcade users. tvOS 14 will now allow multiple Apple Arcade accounts to be kept open on the same device. Arcade users will be able to play games they have left in their own accounts. In addition to multi-Arcade account support, controller support came with tvOS 14. Xbox Elite 2 and Xbox Adaptive Controller are now available on Apple TVs.

Apple has expanded the image feature in pictures along with the tvOS 14. Now you can enter different apps at the same time while watching TV, and even airplay can be shared between devices.

Apple also offers voice sharing to Apple TVs along with tvOS 14. Thanks to the voice sharing feature, multiple users will be able to listen to the sound of the tv broadcast over the headset using their own AirPods. Many new, especially the upcoming tvOS 14, will be released in the fall.

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