Acer Introduces Player Monitor with 360 Hz Refresh Speed

With a 360 Hz screen refresh rate, Acer introduced the new monitor Predator X25, which will appeal to players. The Predator X25 features high-screen refresh speed, as well as many powerful features. It is not yet clear when the device is pricing and when it will go on sale.
The monitors, which have a very important place especially for players, have come a long way thanks to today’s technology. In this context, manufacturers give monitors the necessary importance. One of these manufacturers, Acer,introduced the predator x25, the new monitor that will blow many people’s minds with its powerful features. Let’s take a closer look at this game monster monitor.

In many ways, the most prominent feature of the eye-catching monitor is the speed of 360 Hz screen refresh. In addition to the 360 Hz, which has a very high screen refresh rate for today’s competitive players, the Predator X25 manages to become the dream monitor position of FPS players with its features.

The Predator X25 lags somewhat behind the screen resolution:

The Predator X25 lags slightly behind other high-end gaming monitors for screen resolution. While the 1920 x 1080 resolution offered by Acer’s new monster is lower than its counterparts, which offers resolutions of up to 1440p, high screen refresh speed for FPS players is seen as more important than resolution, although it is a major disadvantage for some players.

The Predator X25 also supports NVIDIA G-SYNC technology, providing a very impressive gaming experience by eliminating screen tearing. The monitor also features many eye-catching features, including AdaptiveLight technology, which allows its sensors to detect the amount of light in the environment and provide the brightness that is best suited to the game.

The internal stand with ergonomic slope is available to players along with the monitor. The design of the monitor, which is expected to please users in terms of hardware, also manages to score full points from many people. The Predator X25 is attracting attention with its stylish black design and RGB lighting, as well as giving friendly advice to users who have not been off the screen for long periods of time. The monitor’s pricing and when it will be released are not yet announced.

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