3 New Videos From Ghost of Tsushima Shared

Two new videos have been shared on the PlayStation YouTube channel for Ghost of Tsushima, which will meet PlayStation players next month. In these videos, which were very short-lived, Jin’s two features were shown to the players.
Ghost of Tsushima, one of the most anticipated games of the year for the PlayStation 4 console, is just a short time away from meeting the players. The game will meet the players on July 17.

Last month’s State of Tsushimavideo was released. PlayStation released two more videos of the game via its official YouTube channel. The game’s developer studio Sucker Punch also shared a video from his official Twitter account.

Three new videos from Ghost of Tsushima:

In the first of three videos shared about Ghost of Tsushima, which is a total length of 1 minute, we see the moment of changing jin’s posture, the main character of the game. This helps Jin to fight different types of enemies.

The third video, the youngest of three shared videos and lasted 16 seconds, shows our main character, Jin, healing his wounds. Jin raises his life level with ‘resolve’. This resolvecan also be used not only in healing wounds, but also in Jin’s specific attacks.

“Jin can go to dealers to strengthen his weapons and armor with materials such as bamboo and badger trees he collects from the island.”

In the third video shared on Sucker Punch’sTwitter account, we see Jin leveling his equipment. Jin can perform these upgrades for his equipment with the materials he collects on the island.

Ghost of Tsushima, developed exclusively for PlayStation 4 by Sucker Punch, a subsidiary of Sony Interactive Entertainment, will meet with the cast on July 17, about three weeks later. The game is now pre-order open and price 62$.

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