10 Features Apple Has Scoured from Android for iOS 14

With the iOS 14 update, iPhone phones come with useful and important features. Some of these features have already been used for many years on phones with Google operating system (Android).
Apple’s iOS 14at WWDC 2020 (Apple Worldwide Developers Conference) promoted Together iPhone will come to phones new features and it’s been revealed. Some new features that will come to iPhone phones with iOS 14 are already available on phones with Google operating system(Android).

This sounds a bit strange, and even apple is called a “scallaway,” but in fact, this kind of thing happens frequently inthe software world . With most likely, Google will receive “borrowed” from Apple in its next major update to Android. So there’s a win-win situation, here’s the iOS 14 features apple borrowed from Google!

Features of iOS 14 from Android:

  • Home-screen components
  • Application list view
  • Right to choose third-party e-mail and browser apps
  • Change in the voice assistant and search window
  • Split apps
  • Bike directions
  • Translations
  • Picture in picture
  • Password surveillance
  • Back Tap

Home-screen components

Apple’s first major feature from Android with iOS 14 was the home screen components. Apple hasn’t allowed iOS users to add any components to the homepage for years. With iOS 14, iPhone users will be able to add and edit any components to the homepage, just as Android users can. So iOS 14 borrows a lot from Android in terms of the home page experience.

App Library view

Apple, along with iOS 14, is also addressing app pollution. As it is known, Android users can use the apps they want on the home screen or in the application interface. Apple users will now be able to take advantage of the App Library feature. Unlike Android, iPhone users will be able to categorize apps as they wish with the App Library.

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